Hello, we had issues with the size of this site, I had to

take down a great deal of music videos. Don't worry I

will get it back up and running. This site did offer and

will offer all types of music. Please check back in

2023. I won't let you down.

God bless- take care 

Tobin Knight 

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“Music is so important; I enjoy all types of music. I see the value in it. Music helps me in many ways. I listen to such a wide range of artists. I am learning to play the drums, the piano, I have started learning how to be a DJ – it’s fun.  Music is proven to help us, help our children. Playing – listening to music develops the brain in different ways.  I love learning about the artists, their background, how they make music.  This site will evolve, I am starting a band and would love to start a record label. I will help provide instruments to low-income children – schools. If you would like to help– please email me.  Above are tabs -links to many types of music and many artists and their songs you may like. This is just the start. Take care- Tobin Knight”