Mercury Realty Group offers many options
for tenants–owners–and qualified investors.

1.       Helping investors deploy capital in opportunities that they are comfortable with, that give them the projected return they are looking for.

2.       A real estate investment trust (REIT)- Our REIT will be extremely diverse – it will own all types of real estate. This REIT will offer investors the ability to see everything. It will be an open book REIT, that shows as much as possible to the investor. We want our investors to know what is going on and to see what we are doing. All transactions will be shown on the website, all parties involved will be identified.

3.       Development offers significant returns. Commercial and residential development – ground up and rehab is what we will be focusing on in 2022.

4.       Representing tenants – companies that are looking to expand – relocate – site selection. We coordinate – oversee the entire process – when needed we will hire the top brokers and manage it all.

5.       Asset sales. We will oversee the entire process – we will hire the top brokers, manage them, and get the best price possible for our clients.

6.       We will work with your lawyers, and draft – clauses – terms– in contracts that help the seller make sure the buyer doesn’t get away. Assets must be over $3 million dollars.

Feel free to contact us, If you would like to talk with us about any of our services.