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Tobin Brent Knight was born on September 24th,1970, in Flint, Michigan. His father is Dr. Brent Knight his mother was Donna Knight/Gorski– her birth name was Donna Castle. His 1st name Tobin means “God is Good.” Tobin’s mission statement is “To help as many people as possible.”

Father | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur | Business Consultant | Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Author | Artist | Problem Solver 

An executive with proven success in solving complex problems, management, drafting/editing contracts, dispositions, acquisitions, leasing, site selection, asset management, development, and effectively managing multiple projects and operations for organizations ranging from small, privately held companies to Fortune 50 leader. 

Hands-on leader and strategist who draws upon creativity, business insight, and problem-solving skills to get the job done. 
Driven achiever whose persistence, flexibility, and integrity strengthen the bottom line. If there is a way to make it happen, he will find it.
Enjoys challenges.
He enjoys solving complex problems and issues.
Feels good when he helps people.
Has many letters of recommendation.
He went to college when he was 16 years old – skipped basically three years of high school.
Worked many jobs in college.
He has a reading disability.
Has documented success at all the jobs he has had.


At the age of 30, I became a Corporate Vice President and an Officer at a Fortune 50 company- Safeway.  Within one year at Safeway, I was awarded Fortune 50 Company’s Outstanding Achievement Award, and that was in June 2001 for outstanding sales/profit performance.
I sold two properties at one time at Safeway and was required as an Officer to review and execute the settlement statement – it was just under 11 million US dollars. 
At Safeway, I supervised asset management of 236 properties east of Mississippi comprising 2.9+ million sq. ft.
I secured a highly coveted Fortune 1000 account in the Chicago market and enabled spin-off contracts in additional markets.
I was named “Retail Rookie of the Year,” a finalist for the largest US full-service Commercial real estate brokerage firm.  
I secured investment capital and structured joint venture agreements. 
I led market/site analysis, disposition, and site selection for Exxon Mobil, General Motors, Payless Shoe Source, Radio Shack, Boston Market, 7-Eleven-Southland Corporation, Charter One Bank, and others.  


Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, 1993
BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts)
3.28 GPA overall
3.8 GPA in his major


Some of Tobin Knight’s family background. 
  1. Grandma Knight was a teacher for over 25 years, she retired as a teacher.
  2. Father Dr. Brent Knight has a Doctors’ Degree and a Post Doctor’s Degree- he was a College President at the age of 29 at Triton College, which had over 22,000 students at that time.
  3. Mother Donna Gorski/Knight-Castle earned two Master’s degrees- education and social work – she was a teacher and a social worker. 
  4. Brother has a degree in teaching, he was a teacher for a period of time.
  5. Brother’s wife has a degree in teaching, she was a teacher for a period of time.
  6. Uncle has a Doctor’s degree; he was a Principal and retired as a Principal.
  7. Uncle’s 1st wife was an Art teacher.
  8. Aunt was a Professor and Assistant Dean at a University.
  9. Aunt’s second husband- my Uncle was a Principal and retired as a Principal.
  10. Cousin was a Principal and retired as a Principal.
  11. Cousin has a Doctor’s degree and is now a Professor at a University.
  12. Cousin has a degree in education- works at a High School.
  13. Stepbrother won a Gold Medal in the Olympics. He was the fasted man alive on a bike- he trained for 6 years.
  14. Cousin graduated from the Air Force Academy; he ended his career as a pilot for Air Force 2 – the Vice President’s plane.
  15. Cousin – she enlisted in the Air Force; she ended her career in the Air Force with the highest rank she could achieve under the Chief – This was not easy at all.

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          TOBIN B. KNIGHT
          Chicago, Illinois
          (312) 429-5675

          An executive with proven success in problem-solving, management, dispositions, acquisitions, leasing, site selection, asset management, and development. Effectively managed multiple projects and operations for organizations ranging from small, privately held companies to a Fortune 50 leader.     

          Driven achiever whose persistence, flexibility, and integrity strengthen the bottom line. If there is a way to make it happen, he will find it. Hands-on leader and strategist who draws upon creativity, business insight, and problem-solving skills to get the job done. 

           Father | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur | Consultant | Strategist | Motivational Speaker | Author | Artist | Problem Solver

          Career highlights:   

          • At the age of 30, he became a Corporate Vice President and an Officer at a Fortune 50 company – Safeway.  
          • Within one year, in 2001, he was awarded the Fortune 50 Company’s Outstanding Achievement Award for outstanding sales/profit performance.     
          • Tobin sold two properties at the same time and was required as an Officer to sign the settlement statement at Safeway; the sale price was close to 11 Million dollars.   
          • He oversaw asset management of 236 properties east of the Mississippi comprising 2.9+ million sq. ft.     
          • Secured a highly-coveted Fortune 1000 account in the Chicago market and enabled spin-off contracts in additional markets.    
          • Named a Retail Rookie of the Year finalist for the largest US full-service real estate brokerage firm.       
          • Led market/site analysis, disposition, and site selection for Exxon Mobil, General Motors, Payless Shoe Source, Radio Shack, Boston Market, 7-Eleven-Southland Corporation, and Charter One Bank, among others.     
          • Built regional operating infrastructure to support acquired/existing properties; model benchmarked companywide.     
          • Salvaged jeopardized Southland Corporation -7-Eleven account; added $1.8+ million in property disposition revenue.


            BFA, Michigan State University

            East Lansing, MI, 1993.   
            3.28 GPA overall  
            3.8 GPA in his major 


            Founded Charity/Foundation:  We Will Change the World – 2021    

          • 100% of all donations will help as many people as possible.

            Author of
            Master the Game of College.  
            Secrets and Tips Only a College President’s Son Knows.  
            Author of 
            The End to Insomnia  

            Author of 

            How to Play the Game of College and Win!  

            President- CEO,  TBKK Corp, Chicago, IL.  2000- Present 

            President- CEO,  MERCURY MEDIA PARTNERS, Chicago, IL.  June 2017- Present  

          • Handles many forms of marketing (internet/website, SEO). 
          • Marketing is vital to success for most companies, and Tobin enjoys this.   
          • Helps businesses, people – authors – merchants succeed.   
          • Lead generation system: ways to increase sales.

            President- CEO
            , MERCURY REALTY GROUP, Chicago IL. 2005- Present

          • Managing Broker for a number of years, maintaining a diverse hand in the market.  
          • Sources, syndicates, and investment opportunities nationwide, from large apartment packages, distressed existing assets, and development/redevelopment sites to large brokerage opportunities.  (Many of the assets have been off the market.)    
          • Manages all aspects of a transaction, from site selection and analysis to closing negotiations.     
          • Overviews acquisition, site selection, leasing, disposition, raising capital, and development    
          • Established broker networks throughout the country.


            Vice President, NAI HIFFMAN. Oakbrook IL. 2003-2005

          • Number one retail broker and sixth-highest producing broker within the first year.    
          • Co-brokered 35 Charter One Bank tenant rep deals within 17 months    
          • Formed Matteson Three LLC to develop land in Matteson, IL.     
          • Within less than 30 days at the firm, secured the leasing- sale-lease buyout account- at Pheasant Hill Plaza in Bolingbrook IL.   
          • Negotiated lease buy-out for TCB development on the Pheasant Hill Plaza, a vacant Dominick’s center. (Safeway/ Dominick paid more than 30% of what ownership was expecting to receive.)  
          • Secured a 20-year lease with Kroger (Food 4 Less). Sold the property for a price greater than his client expected.     
          • Placed a development site under contract on Carol Stream, IL, near Costco; secured two tenants; was able to sell his contract/position to purchase the property for $100,000 profit before the property even closed.    
          • Purchased a vacant building in Springfield, IL, and sold it within 2 years; made over 200 % cash on cash return.    
          • Purchased an out lot in Mexia, Texas, next to a Walmart Supercenter, and sold it for twice the purchase price within a year.    
          • Purchased two out lots in Champaign, IL, in front of a Walmart Supercenter and sold them within 3 years for over 30% more than the purchase price.    
          • Purchased a building in Schaumburg, IL -NWC  (Roselle Rd and Golf Rd.) and sold it within 12 months with a profit was over $100,000

            Vice President, INLAND AUCTIONS. Oakbrook IL. 2002-4 Months

          • Secured the largest auction that Inland Auctions had ever had- a $30+ million-dollar property that the Intel Corporation owned in Puerto Rico.

            Vice President- Officer SAFEWAY INC, (PDA), Oakbrook IL. 2000-2002   

          • Beat out many executives who had far more experience and credentials. (He was not going to let the boss who hired him down.)    
          • Earned praise: “Tobin is trustworthy, truthful, and honest. His recommendations on the proposed deal were thoughtful and reliable…Tobin has a very positive attitude, exhibits great enthusiasm, and displays an apparent knack for deal-making.”  – Chief Operating Officer, Safeway PDA Division, February 2001     
          • Recruited to manage and sell/lease corporate retail, office, and industrial properties within the eastern territory for a $31 billion grocery retailer.  in 2001, sold 18 of 29 eligible fee properties. In June 2001 was given an outstanding achievement award.     
          • Basically, mastered contract law within 30 days. Crafted language that the top lawyer at Safeway indicated to Tobin that they had never seen before. (Tobin’s response was, “Is it legal?” It was, and that deal closed. Tobin finds most contracts have really nothing to do with legality.)    
          • Oversaw all asset management for corporate assets east of the Mississippi.     
          • Single-handedly delivered $34+ million in new sales in the year 2001.     
          • Outperformed Q2 quota by 5-fold; tripled Q4 quota in challenging economic conditions     
          • Tobin built regional infrastructure supporting acquisitions and existing property portfolio; the model was adopted companywide.     
          • Spearheaded startup of regional office; recruited, hired, and trained staff; developed and implemented procedures.     
          • Created marketing standards.  Innovated purchasing tool that streamlined processes and improved cycle times.     
          • Analyzed several properties on the east coast for acquisition.     
          • He was contacted about 3 years after he left Safeway and asked if he would like to interview for an executive position at Kroger. He was thankful but declined the opportunity as he would have had to move away from his family.

            Senior Associate, TRAMMELL CROW COMPANY, Chicago, IL. 1998 -2000

          • Promoted in 1st year (vs. standard 2+ year track) to Senior Associate; named a Retail Rookie of the Year finalist.     
          • Managed tenant representation, property disposition negotiations, and site analysis/selection for national accounts, including the Boston Market, Exxon Mobil, GM -General Motors, Payless Shoe Source, Radio shack, and Southland Corporation (7-Eleven).     
          • Assigned to the GM -General Motors account within 3 months of starting at Trammell Crow Company, with no experience.    
          • Placed a property in Schaumburg, IL- on Roselle Road under contract for $300,000 with $10,000 on a credit card for the earnest money with a 60-days close.  He secured a buyer who then backed out about 30 days before the close. He was able to find a new buyer who 10 days before the closing, indicated he needed owner financing. Tobin was then able to find a bank to fund the purchase. He closed with no money and cleared over $40,000 in profit at the closing.  He earned a large spread on the loan with the buyer and walked with over $180,000 total in profit within 3 years. This transaction was noted by the executives at Trammell Crow Company, one of them asked him if he had ever done anything like that before.
          • The President- CEO of Trammell Crow Company wrote Tobin a letter thanking him.

            Leasing Representative
            ,  TRI-LAND PROPERTIES INC, Chicago IL. 1997 -1998

          • This position was a challenge for Tobin in the beginning; he really liked that. Tobin had no experience at all in commercial real estate when he started. He asked many questions and was able to learn a great deal.
          • Reported to the Vice President of Leasing and developed an in-depth knowledge of real estate, property management, and leasing.     
          • Negotiated leases of 15 company-owned retail development properties (70K sq. ft.) ranging from “mom and pop” shops to national tenants in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic markets.  
          • Tobin was recruited to work for Trammell Crow Company; he was offered a much higher salary to stay at Tri-Land Properties. He was given a large party when he left Tri-Land Properties.

            Manager,  MEIJER INC, Flint MI. 
             1993 -1996   

          • At age 24, promoted to manage P&L, day-to-day operations, 90+ employees, forecasting, ordering, merchandising, and scheduling for the grocery department within 3rd.-highest-volume store among 120 supercenters for major Midwest retailer.     
          • Played an integral part in record-setting sales performance over a 14-week period.   
          • Key role in achieving $2+ million weekly sales for 14 consecutive weeks, setting a new company record.     
          • Personally contributed $800K +weekly in sales, earning recognition as #1 performer among 20 departments    
          • Started as a night grocery manager trainee in Toledo, Ohio; quickly promoted to night grocery manager and transferred to Columbus, Ohio;  transferred to a very high-volume store in Grand Rapids, Mi; promoted within 3 months to Grocery Manager at the age of 24 at a Meijer store in Flint Mi.     
          • He did not miss a day of work for over 3 years at Meijer.   
          • One time as a night grocery manager Tobin unloaded a packed semi by himself at about 3 am with a hand jack – not a power hand jack. The forklift was down, and the power hand jack was not working also. He found this task to be somewhat challenging.   
          • The former President- then Vice-Chairman/Co- CEO wrote Tobin a recommendation letter. 

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